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Good morning from snowy Bucharest!

Good morning from snowy Bucharest!

Good morning from snowy Bucharest!

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  1. Good morning my dear Simona, i wish you a happy day, here it is cold a<3nd grey

  2. Spring will come Betty:-)

  3. Bună dimineața 

  4. Dobro jutro, Eljena!

  5. Guten Morgen, Karl!

    All night was snow and blizzard… now only snowing, -2○, not so cold.

  6. Me too, Elisabeth Schabus! Enough with winter! 

  7. O zi frumoasa, Valerica!

  8. Buna dimineata, Doina!

    In Bucuresti abia acum a venit, in Moldova a facut deja multe necazuri…

  9. Good morning! Stay warm! 🙂

  10. Good morning, Kawthar AL ABDALLA

    I walk to the office this morning, isn’t so cold…

  11. Good morning snowy neighborhood! Simona AN Easter Bunny will look like Santa Claus :(((

  12. Good morning my dear! How are you? Ana Lacanski 

    Easter Bunny don’t come in snow, I’m afraid…

  13. Awful morning here, I just put the picture Simona AN I had a mandatory fashion accessory just now –  shovel for snow removal! :((( I froze and ran in. :)))

  14. I know, my husband put it in the car… This morning I walk to office, wasn’t so cold, but now it’s a big pressure.

  15. Oh, you had to go on foot? Simona AN It was no way for me.

  16. Walk and tram… it’s a wonderful place in spring/summer, Ana Lacanski. I wanted.

  17. Here I climbed for rescue my cat Pufi…

  18. Wow!!! Horrible, anything could happen, fortunately not!!! Simona AN 

  19. Uau , ce priveliste de iarna! 

    Arata tare frumos, Simona AN   !

  20. Da, Angela, i-am zis si Anei mai sus, pe rapa aia m-am catarat s-o salvez pe Pufi… Cand a cazut, s-a speriat foarte rau si a urcat in fuga… Sus e un gard de plasa si-n spate curtea unei fabrici (cam sinistru)…

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