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Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s memory

Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s memory

Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s memory

Fred Harman’s birthday

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Fred Harman (February 9, 1902 – January 2, 1982) was an American artist, best known for his popular Red Ryder comic strip, which he drew for 25 years, reaching 40 million readers through 750 newspapers. Harman sometimes used the pseudonym Ted Horn.

Harman was two months old when his parents moved from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, where he grew up familiar with horses and the ranching lifestyle. His father had previously homesteaded in Pagosa in 1891. Harman dropped out of school after seven years and never had any formal art training.

Harman self-syndicated his Bronc Peeler strip from 1934 to 1938, finding few takers as he visited various West Coast newspaper offices. When he moved to New York in 1938, he met merchandising entrepreneur Stephen Slesinger and finally found success. He worked with Slesinger to develop Bronc Peeler into Red Ryder, which Slesinger sold to the Newspaper Enterprise Association. It was launched as a Sunday strip November 1938 with the daily strip following four months later. Promoting Red Ryder as „America’s famous fighting cowboy”, Slesinger began an intensive campaign of merchandising and licensing with a parade of comic books, Big Little Books, novels, serial chapters, radio programs and commercial products and apparel.


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