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Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s memory

Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s memory

Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s memory

Jo Duffy’s birthday

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Jo Duffy, sometimes credited as Mary Jo Duffy (born February 9, 1954) is a comic book editor and writer, known for her work for Marvel Comics in the 1980s, and DC Comics and Image Comics in the 1990s.

A native of the New York City area, Duffy attended Wellesley College. As a young woman, she had letters published in Marvel Comics letter columns in the mid-1970s. She made an in-comic appearance as an autograph seeker in Iron Man 103. Her first credits as editor appear on The Incredible Hulk #231 and The Spectacular Spider-Man #26, both cover dated January 1979. She edited the first seventeen issues of Marvel’s ROM series, before handing over the reins to Al Milgrom.

Her writing work included Power Man and Iron Fist, Marvel’s Star Wars comic, Conan the Barbarian, and Wolverine. Among other things, she created the team and most of the members of the Fallen Angels. In 2013, Marvel reprinted the series as a trade paperback.

In the 1990s, she worked for other publishers, including DC Comics, where she wrote the first 14 issues of Catwoman (1993). For Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios imprint of Image Comics, she wrote all twenty-two issues of the first Glory series, between March 1995 and April 1997, the last five issues of which were released by Liefeld’s Maximum Press after his departure from Image.

In the early 2000s, she wrote issues of Marvel’s Defenders.


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