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Today’s Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle

Clara Campoamor‘s birthday

February 12, 1888

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Clara Campoamor: 126th Birthday

Google will present this doodle at February 12th in Spain.

Clara Campoamor (born  12 February, 1888) was a Spanish politician and feminist best known for her advocacy for women’s rights and suffrage during the writing of the Spanish constitution of 1931. A child of a working-class family, Campoamor began work as a seamstress at age 13, later working in a number of government positions before securing entry to law school at the University of Madrid. She became active in a number of women’s organizations before standing for election as a member of the 1931 Constituent Assembly, to which she and two other women were elected despite that Spanish women could not vote at the time. Her advocacy led to the inclusion of language in the 1931 constitution of Spain that guaranteed equality between men and women. She later lost her parliamentary seat and briefly served as a government minister before fleeing the country during the Spanish Civil War. Campoamor died in exile in Switzerland.

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