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This is what I found, Ana Lacanski

This is what I found, Ana Lacanski

This is what I found, Ana Lacanski 

Maybe this is another one, and the real „friend” banned your friends, to not be found… I don’t know. 

Have you talked about with Rinus? (he’s Mr. Moon?)

How are you, something changed?

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  1. I do not understand all the settings, but Magda Indigo (author of „stolen” photos) also blocked this man and reported him for harassment and theft, as I… With Rinus, no, I have not. This one I have saved:

    Nothing new, my dearest, daily survival :(( still no job for me and so day by day… yuck… 

  2. He shares my profile photo with the awful comments. Then he shared publicly my post with the flourishing branch with the question of who I stole it? It seems that man has a problem with women and with himself!

    Magda Indigo wrote me an email that I do not care for these suckers, because it also acted with her as with me! 

  3. Can’t see the link… But I understood. I think you have to forget this dumb… If you want to save something posted by anyone, make a Print Screen, like this… Otherwise, if the person who posted deletes the post, you no longer have any.

    I found too my photos in others streams, but I passed… 

    Maybe we need signatures. 

  4. Google removed him, completely. Magda Indigo told me! :))

  5. Great! This stories must be told to all people, to learn…

  6. I’ll read and share today.

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