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h/t Karras Bommer 

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And on this note imma thank mr Jarred Abernathy for that bitta plus luv hehehe! Funky chicken luurrrrvv just for you .. mwahs!

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  1. Moonchickenwalk! XD

  2. O_o…yep..I like to dance chicken dance.

  3. Oh thats great my dear, I Smile Kentucky… Chicken.. Hmmm

  4. galina stile ? 


  5. excelent dans 🙂

  6. Oh, guys, I soooo love your comments! It’s the first time I see a chicken-dance, I must learn it!

  7. Good afternoon Simona AN from Cheryl Suchanek. That chicken looks lu ke me when I dance maybe a little better hehe.

  8. It’s a promise, Sime Wareham, when I’ll have it, you’ll know!  :)) 

  9. :)))  Pete Suchanek You dance like a chicken? 

  10. It’s amazing how the background changes everything. Put the chicken in a backyard, nothing special. Set it on a funky plate with some nice musical notes as background and bright colors, you’ve got the funky chicken dance.

    The chicken just does what the chicken always does…

  11. … and that is art, Hermann Bock, when we talk about painting, movie…

  12. Yes Simona AN, it changes the perception of what’s happening completely… that’s why AMAZING!

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