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Meantime on my desk… cats fight!

Meantime on my desk... cats fight!

Meantime on my desk… cats fight!

We are at my Mom… cats are home alone you can imagine other fights (I do!) …

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  1. Ooooh my … hahaha … hope it’s a „friendly” fight dear Simona AN … =D

  2. Wonderful photo dear Simona AN ! You´re the judge? The cats are alone? Oh yes! When I came back from my work in the whole flat I´ve fount black and white part of their fur :-)))))

  3. Very beautiful  photo of 2 boxing cats and the judge :-)))) 

    shared  with the page MY BELOVED CATS 

    by Edith Kukla

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  4. What the wonderful shot! Good evening, dear Simona, thanks a lot for sharing this scene! I do hope it’s friendly fight 🙂

    Have a happy evening, my friend and let the cats don’t fight any more 🙂 All the best wishes to you!

  5. Yes, it’s the real happiness! haha  :-))))))))))))

  6. Fighting to see who is the boss. Beautiful photo.

  7. Unde se joaca… 🙂 

  8. Lovely photo!. Are they fighting over who is going to lie closer to you? Why do cats like to lie on the keyboard especially when you are busy? Simona AN :-))

  9. Good evening, Magnus Fahlén! They fight for that place, not so friendly… 

  10. Good evening, dear Edith Kukla! The photo was taken yesterday, now they are at home without us… Usually, when we are at work cats sleep all day. I don’t know what they can do now, I’ll find!  :)) 

  11. :))) Mercè Gamell That’s the point! Good night!

  12. Luci Young 

    Can’t stop smiling with my cats, dear Luci! This is my cat-therapy…

  13. Good evening, Igor Schevchenko! … or morning…

    Not so friendly fight, I was surprised, always one of them use to sit on my desk when I’m at computer, but last evening was this fight for primacy…

  14. As I use to say, this is my cat-therapy, Elena Klimanova! Have a restful night, my dear, with beautiful dreams! 

  15. You’re right, JO Ann Boomer, they claim this place for a long time, but now they broke out! 

  16. Buna… dimineata, Angela Ghinea   :))

    Nu se joaca, se bat pe locul de langa mine… Cand era doar PC, era stapana, cat a fost mica Trei i-a luat locul, acum se reped cand ma asez la calculator fiecare sa fie prima… iar a doua da tarcoale, dar ieri seara au rabufnit…

  17. Good evening, Shirley Lord, you’re right, they fight for primacy… All the time when I’m at computer I have company!

  18. Cute… work mom l want love..:))

  19. Lovely fighting cats, lovely smiling you :))*

  20. Nice photo :))

  21. Cheryl Suchanek, I was dying of laughter, how to work?  :)))

    A lovely Sunday to you and Pete! ♥

  22. Was a good laughter, Naghmeh Khadembashi!  :)) 

  23. Not so good realization, but the moment was priceless,Minna Serula!

  24. Fantastic capture ! So lovely Simona AN 

  25. Was a big fun, Eric Delcour!

  26. Lovely capture of all three of you, Simona AN ! :))) Thank you so much for sharing with the OneCatADay – Photo Theme Page ! =^..^=

  27. Excelent surprins momentul. :)))

  28. Aww ♥♥ Precious smile my dearest Simona! Remarkable scene =^..^= Many warm greetings and hugs!

  29. Thank you for appreciation, OneCatADay – Photo Theme Page, it was cold war for that place for months, but now… you see, it’s real war! I was surprised… 

  30. Poza e cam dintr-o parte, dar mai ai timp sa reglezi ceva?

    O zi si o saptamana minunate, Constantin Simionica! 

  31. I was sure you will like this photo, even isn’t a good realization, Ana Lacanski! The moment is priceless… 

  32. Era mai rau daca era dreapta si nu surprindea momentul. :))) Toate cele bune, am inteles ca la Bucurestii e vreme frumoasa si astazi.

  33. Constantin Simionica 

    Vineri a fost superb, sambata nu stiu, am fost plecati, ieri am fost la parada de St. Patrick si era foarte frig, de la un vant rece, desi insorit… N-am putut sta pana la bere…  🙁  Azi, in schimb, e cald si frumos, cred ca incep sa crape mugurii…

  34. Simona AN Sambata seara am ajuns si eu la Bucuresti si era OK. Duminica era putin mai rece si batea vantul mai tare , dar fost bine si asa.

  35. It’s war, Anna Rimovska!  :)))

  36. Hugs, Anna Rimovska!

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