Simona AN

No, no, no, Caturday can wait…

No, no, no, Caturday can wait...

No, no, no, Caturday can wait…

#MyBelovedCats  are still in a #SleepySaturday , don’t care about #Caturday , or #CatLoversNetwork , but, when they’ll wake up, will start a #WildLifeInTheCity ! It’s OK, #OneCatADayKeepsTheDoctorAway  for all my friends from #CATCIRCLE ! So, good morning and keep smiling, life is wonderful!

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  1. Good Morning my dear Friend Simona, Best Cat Mother!!!! Wish you a sunny Morning and a lucky Day and a lovely Weekend… I sleep with your Cats, i am so tired… Smiles and Hugs for you :-*

  2. Buna dimineata si o zi cu mult soare! :))

  3. Lol! Good morning and happy caturday my dear Simona AN .

    Perfect creation. But why private shared again? :-))) 

  4. Nice photo Simona AN :)))

    Good morning!

  5. Good smiling Caturday, my dear friend Karl! A happy weekend!

  6. Multumesc, Constantin Simionica, la fel si la voi, va doresc! Din pacate, azi avem program administrativ, cu mutari de mobilier… poate ceva poze cand se trezesc pisicile! 

  7. Ce somnoroase sunt :)))  Ale mele fac la fel… Dar separat! Musai.

    O sambata faina, Simona AN !

  8. Good morning, dear Edith Kukla! A beautiful day and happy weekend! Last post was a birthday card, that can’t be sent to public… Sorry! 

  9. Happy #Caturday , dear Minna Serula! Hugs and smiles! ♥

  10. O zi frumoasa, Angela! P.C. musai sa doarma cu alta pisica, e foarte mamoasa si prietenoasa… celelalte doua se cam bat.Angela Ghinea

  11. Happy weekend, Katarzyna Rustecka! 

  12. Back from shopping and think about a photowalk. Wonderful weather outside and tomorrow we get rain and cold. Says our weatherfrogs. To 99% they are right. 

    Have to take care with the next posts too if I make a private. 3x change it to public :-))))) 

  13. Good morning Simona AN , lovely kitties. Have a great Caturday . :))


    *Very beautiful  photo of a lovely cat Simona AN 

    shared  with the page MY BELOVED CATS 

    by Edith Kukla

    To find your wonderful work please use the hashtags

  15. My kitties are asleep on my bed.

  16. Good evening  dear Simona AN . Lovely kittens. I wish you a nice evening and wonderful Sunday. Warm greetings and hugs, Rita !

  17. What the lovely picture! Good evening, dear Simona, happy (rest of) Caturday! I’m wishing you lovely Sunday tomorrow and all the best, my friend!

  18. Happy new week, dear Anna Rimovska! 

  19. Hey my friend Simona AN …. have a nice week to you…..

    Last #CaturdaySaturday I dedicated a post for you…. here is the link of that post…..  when you feel free please check it and enjoy…. 🙂


    Aayubowan! (live long life)

  20. Just saw your photo, dear friend, M. J. J. Namal Dias, in weekend, after posting this photo I logged off… Was a very tiring weekend, without G+.

  21. A wonderful Monday, Minna Serula! 

  22. Hope you had a successful photowalk, my dear friend Edith Kukla! We stayed home to move furniture from a room to another…  Very tiring! It’s still nice weather here, but tomorrow will be cold and rain… 

  23. A beautiful Monday, Georgianna Ross! 

  24. Many thanks, MY BELOVED CATS!

  25. Of course, JO Ann Boomer, this photo is on our bed, too… 😉

    A lovely new week! 

  26. A great hug to you, Rita Gijbels! ♥ 

  27. All the best for you, into the new week, my friend Igor Schevchenko! 

  28. It’s ok my friend Simona AN 🙂

  29. Not wild but life!

    Very beautiful  photo dear Simona AN 

    shared  with the page WILDLIFE in the City

    by Edith Kukla

    To find your wonderful work please use the hashtags

  30. I’m glad you like my photo, WILDLIFE in the City! Hugs! ♥

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