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Ana Lacanski‘s Today’s Memory

Ana Lacanski‘s Today’s Memory

Ana Lacanski‘s Today’s Memory

Clint Eastwood’s birthday

Originally shared by Ana Lacanski

Handsome but never an overt sex symbol. Rugged, yet no ruffian. Tough, certainly, but never conspicuously macho. His image transcends cultural barriers and generation gaps. He is as popular around the world as he is in the USA-as, much a hero to the young as to the not so young. From mundane bit-parts, to splendidly laconic leading roles, to a film director of distinction, to major character actor, to Hollywood doyen. His position in World Cinema is unique!

Born on May 31, 1930, in San Francisco, California, got his big break starring on the television western Rawhide. He then became immensely popular via a string of Sergio Leone movie westerns and the Dirty Harry series. In recent years, has directed many films, including the Academy Award-winning projects „Unforgiven”, „Mystic River”, „Million Dollar Baby” and „The Changeling”.

I love this scene with Meryl Streep in „The Bridges of Madison County”, so I’ll again share with all of you and especially with #Todaysmemory  by my dear, great friend Simona AN Today’s Memory 

Happy Birthday Clint Eastwood!

Please read much more about our today’s birthday boy on:

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