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Margaret Tompkins‘s Today’s photography

Margaret Tompkins‘s Today's photography

Margaret Tompkins‘s Today’s photography

June 1

Originally shared by Margaret Tompkins

Colorado River at Lipan Point  —  Grand Canyon, South Rim

I love views of the Grand Canyon where you can see the mighty Colorado River and marvel at the canyon that it carved!!  Awesome View!!

Come learn about Time Lapse Photography with the great David Marx at the Landscape Photography Show on Tuesday!!  Share up to 5 of your favorite landscape photographs!!  Maybe one of yours will be selected as a show starter!!  Here’s a link!

Do you enjoy the photography themes on G+?  Here’s a wonderful list of all the different ways that you can share!!

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  1. Today’s Memory Simona AN thanks so much for your share!!  I appreciate it very much!!

  2. I thank you so much at my turn, dear Margaret Tompkins! Hugs! ♥

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