Today's Memory

Today’s Memory

Today's Memory

Today’s Memory

Johnny Weissmuller’s birthday 

June 2, 1904, Freidorf, near Timisoara, Romania – January 20, 1984, Acapulco, Mexico

Peter Johann Weissmüller  was an American freestyle swimmer and actor. He was reared in Chicago, where he attended the University of Chicago and developed into a champion swimmer. He won five Olympic gold medals (three in 1924, two in 1928) and set 67 world records.

Weissmuller appeared in several sports shorts, then was hired by MGM to play Tarzan onscreen. Beginning in 1932, he starred in 12 Tarzan adventures, meanwhile doing almost no other film work. In the late ’40s he quit Tarzan and began starring in a new series, Jungle Jim, while occasionally appearing in other films through the mid ’50s, after which he retired from acting.

He authored an autobiography, Water, World and Weissmuller (1967).

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