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British History‘s Today’s Memory

British History‘s Today’s Memory

British History‘s Today’s Memory

The Battle of Lowestoft

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The Battle of Lowestoft took place on this day in British history, 3 June 1665. The battle is now largely forgotten, but at the time, it was an unexpected naval victory for the English fleet. The first major battle of the Second Anglo-Dutch War, the engagement involved fleets of around 100 ships strong for both the English and the Dutch. The English fleet was commanded by James Stuart who would later become King James II. The battle itself was carried out in a strange manner and a coherent account of the details is lacking in the historical record. Nevertheless, we know that the English emerged victorious, having lost only two ships. Accounts vary as to how many Dutch ships were lost (23-33), but their defeat at Lowestoft failed to set the precedent for the remainder of the war. Eventually, Holland would emerge victorious and force England to sign the Treaty of Breda in 1667. #history   #OnThisDay   #BattleofLowestoft  

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