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Today’s Google Doodle

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Alejandro Obregón’s birthday

June 4, 1920

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Alejandro Obregón: 93rd Birthday

June 4, 2014 at Google in Colombia

Daniel Alberto Alejandro María de la Santísima Trinidad Obregón Roses, commonly known as Alejandro Obregón, (4 June 1920 – 11 April 1992) was a Colombian painter, muralist, sculptor and engraver.

Obregón was born in Barcelona, Spain, the son of a Colombian father and a Catalan mother. The Obregón family owned a fabrics factory in Barranquilla. Most of his childhood was spent in Barranquilla, Colombia and Liverpool, England. After returning to Barranquilla, he decided to become an artist. He studied fine arts in Boston for a year in 1939, then returned to Barcelona to serve as Vice Consul of Colombia for four years. He married Ilva Rasch-Isla, the daughter of poet Miguel Rasch-Isla, during his time in Spain. In 1948, he became Director of the School of Fine Arts in Santafé de Bogotá, where he was influenced by the fresco style of masters Pedro Nel Gómez and Santiago Martinez Delgado.[citation needed] He left the School of Fine Arts and moved to France with his second wife, Sonia Osorio; he later married his third wife, English painter Freda Sargent. After travelling around Europe, he returned to Barranquilla in 1955. Obregón died on April 11, 1992, succumbing to a brain tumor. He lived and worked exclusively in Cartagena from 1970 until his death in 1992, the las 22 years of his life.

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