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Honinbo Shusaku’s birthday

June 6, 1829

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Honinbo Shusaku / 本因坊秀策  / Hon′inbō Shūsaku

June 6, 2014 at Google in many countries (see below).

Honinbo Shusaku (born June 6, 1829) was a professional Go player and is considered by many to be the greatest player of the golden age of Go in the mid-19th century.

He was nicknamed „Invincible” after he earned a perfect score for 19 straight wins in the annual castle games. Some say that he was not stronger than his teacher, Honinbō Shuwa, who by convention did not play in the castle games. In addition out of respect for the elderly teacher, Shusaku refused to play with white against his teacher thus there is no clear gauge of the difference in strength between them. Shusaku, for example, had a plus score against Ōta Yūzo but still found him a tough opponent, while Shuwa beat him easily.

Only two people have the title „Go-Saint” (Kisei), and Shusaku is one, the other being Honinbō Dosaku (1645–1702). While this title initially might have been given to Honinbo Jowa, it was revoked due to his political maneuvering. Even today he is considered one of the best go players ever to have lived.

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