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Susanne Ramharter‘s Today’s Story About Art

Susanne Ramharter‘s Today’s Story About Art

Susanne Ramharter‘s Today’s Story About Art

John Constable’s Haywain

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Good Morning Google+  your daily story about art: 06.11

Today we celebrate the birthday of a true giant of Landscape painting: John Constable, who was born on June 11th in 1776.  If you’ve not seen it, some general information about Constable is in my post for his birthday last year here .

For now, let’s focus on the similarities and differences between Constable and his contemporary, J.M. Turner. I wrote about Turner here: , , and (together with +r,,,,, here: , and the latest post here, .

Though both Constable and Turner owed much to the landscape art of the French Claude Lorrain, they took his lessons in rather different directions. While Turner focused on the intangible aspects of nature, its grandeur, emotions and the sublime, Constable seems to have aimed more for the truth. One could say that Turner represents the philosophy of landscapes, while Constable shows the science.

Compare this painting, Constable’s Haywain with Turner’s Tintern Abbey, shown in the last link mentioned above. Both show a stream and lots of sky. But Turner’s sky and stream seem to be somewhat idealized, more a representation of ideas of sky and streams, while Constable’s stream is so realistic (naturalistic) that one can almost feel the water drifting past one’s toes.

But don’t believe me, make up your own mind and tread lightly

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