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Sean Cowen‘s Today’s Memory

Sean Cowen‘s Today’s Memory

Sean Cowen‘s Today’s Memory

Star Wars

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Why I Watched ‘Star Wars’ Twice on the Day It Was Released!

Look, I can’t explain it. All my thoughts are irrational. But seeing a picture like this takes me back to the thrill of seeing Star Wars for the first time, at the Syufy Theatres in Sacramento, back in ’77.

It was an insane day of waiting in (literally) mile-long lines, and we ended up being so blown away by the first showing under the dome, that we immediately got in line to see it again! It blew our minds…!  (I only wish we could have seen it five times that day – I was ready!)

To anyone who is way younger than me (that would be most of you), you really have no idea how powerful this movie was: up to that point, we had literally never seen anything like it before. That’s why, today, there is such a HOOPLA around this film (and series): it was absolutely groundbreaking! And it’s power has stayed with many of us our entire lives.

My true fandom started on that day!

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