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Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s Memory

Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s Memory

Bob McLeod’ birthday

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Bob McLeod (born August 9, 1951) is an American comic book artist best known for co-creating the New Mutants with writer Chris Claremont.

McLeod began his career working in the production department of Marvel Comics in 1973 on an recommendation from Neal Adams, but soon began penciling and inking for Marvel’s Crazy magazine, doing several movie satires and the „Teen Hulk” strip. He was a member of The Crusty Bunkers inkers while working at Adams’ Continuity Studios, then went on to become a top inker at Marvel and DC on many series, including The Incredible Hulk, Conan the Barbarian, The Legion of Super Heroes, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, and The New Titans, as well as penciling Star Wars and several Spider-Man fill-ins for Marvel.

McLeod drew the graphic novel and the first three issues of New Mutants and inked a number of subsequent issues. The graphic novel’s production overlapped with his honeymoon, and ended up missing its shipping slot because editor Louise Simonson choose to keep her promise to McLeod that he could ink it himself. In 1987, he inked Mike Zeck’s pencils on the „Kraven’s Last Hunt” storyline in the Spider-Man titles. At DC Comics, he was the artist on Superman in Action Comics in the early 1990s including the „Dark Knight Over Metropolis” storyarc. McLeod helped writer Louise Simonson and artist Jon Bogdanove launch a new Superman title, Superman: The Man of Steel in July 1991. With writer Roger Stern, McLeod contributed to such Superman tales as the 1991 story wherein Clark Kent finally revealed his identity as Superman to Lois Lane and the „Panic in the Sky” crossover in 1992.


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