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Good morning, Debra G.!

Good morning, Debra G.!

Good morning, Debra G.!

For beginning: my profile is Simona AN… I’m on G+ near from start, I’ve made memories since 2012 and in 10 May 2013 I started Today’s Memory. I manage also the page România frumoasă… initially with some friends, now it’s just me. These two pages take all my time, it’s a log time since I neglected my own profile… 

As you see, on Today’s Memory are a few my memories and most of them are shared from other people… I work with daily lists (I’ve saved them in Word). During the day I update the list and in my evening (have to wait till people post some memories) I start sharing items, searching name by name from list… It take a lot of time, because I have to wait few minutes between posts…

For few months last year I was helped by a nice guy from Mexico. Was very fine! Where are you from?

I’m not a very good English speaker, hope you understood my text! See you later!


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  1. I’ll tell you tomorrow how I do that…

  2. Today’s Memory Great, thank you very much Simona.  Have a fabulous evening.

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