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Good evening, dear Debra G.

Good evening, dear Debra G.

Good evening, dear Debra G. 

I would be happy to receive a little help from you and I’m grateful for your offer!

I’ve collected in time lists with birth dates of important people or dates of important (or funny) events. There are a lot of people who post memories on G+. I’ve gathered them in a circle for updating information.

I start finding/choosing/sharing items at 8-9 pm… I can’t find posts earlier. Sometimes, the best posts appear when I’m sleep. Often I go to bed at 1-2 am… and wake up at 5.30 am to go to work. Here you can help me: I send you the rest of list and you find/share the posts.

You can see above some print-screens with explanations for each of them. Ask anything you want.

Finishing with a warm wish for a blessed Easter, in health and peace!

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  1. Today’s Memory I am so happy to hear about your results!  Mine did not work, it was back in 1991 and now the cost of the treatment is out of my conception.  If a person in my country is not poor, they can’t get help from this government.  But I am just so happy to hear that yours is undectable. You should notice a big difference in your skin color, your general health feel, and also the liver itself.  I’m so happy for you my dear friend.♥  I go see my doctor on Tuesday next week and will know a bit more then.  My husband and I plan on making a list of questions to ask.  Thanks a million for answering back my dear.  Happy Easter to you and your mother.♥♥♥

  2. Debra G. I’ll pray for your good results! 

    I also did a treatment like yours in 1998 – four injections by week, six months, and also didn’t worked… Now the substances are more efficient. Of course, now are new treatments, better, but more expensive.

    In my country the medical assurance cover the costs, but it’s difficult to be accepted in…

    All the best for you and your husband!

    In my family, only my husband celebrate Easter now (he’s protestant Calvinist), we are Orthodox. 

  3. Today’s Memory Thank you so much dear, but it would cost more than our home would to be treated in this country ;(.   Both of us will have to just deal with it.  My husband just went through a Total Prostatectomy in June for Cancer and that is his second cancer.  We are not rich, but not poor either.  Yet we choose to spend our lives living in the happiest way that we can until life takes our souls away.  I’m so happy for you though.  I think that your treatment was good and it will work.  God bless you and your husband and family my friend.  My religion I keep to myself as I am inbetween wondering at this moment.

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