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Kenneth Johnson‘s Today’s Memory

Kenneth Johnson‘s Today’s Memory

Kenneth Johnson‘s Today’s Memory

Valerie Bertinelli’s birthday

Originally shared by Kenneth Johnson

Birthday Spotlight: Valerie Bertinelli @Wolfiesmom stole the hearts of tripods in my generation who watched „One Day At A Time” primarily to see „Barbara”, but we weren’t really upset when Valerie married guitar genius Eddie Van Halen @eddievanhalen because (A) it made perfect sense; they looked like a perfect match, and (B)….well, he’s Eddie Freakin’ Van Halen for Les Paul’s sake! Separated and then divorced in 2007 she and Eddie have a son @WolfVanHalen who is a musician as well. A regular in television movies, her latest series – the marvelous „Hot In Cleveland” with Betty White @BettyMWhite Jane Leeves @JaneLeeves and Wendy Malick @WendyMalick – sadly ended a five year run last year. However Valerie remains busy writing, cooking and judging on The Food Network @FoodNetwork And, yes, she is as marvelous in-person as she is on camera.

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  1. SALUTE, to a marvelous. Actress once married to rocker Eddie Van Halen!

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