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Mario Solis‘ Today’s Memory

Mario Solis‘ Today’s Memory

Mario Solis‘ Today’s Memory

Boris Williams’ birthday

Originally shared by Mario Solis

Boris Williams (born 24 April 1957) is an English drummer best known for his extensive work with The Cure (1984–1994).

Williams first joined The Cure in 1984 (first gig on 7 November in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA), replacing Andy Anderson, who was fired for destroying a hotel room. During his tenure, Williams helped The Cure reach their critical and commercial peak recording the studio albums The Head on the Door, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Disintegration, and Wish. He also appeared on the live albums Entreat, Paris, and Show as well as the videos for Staring at the Sea, The Cure in Orange, Picture Show, Galore and Greatest Hits. He also helped record the re-remixes album Mixed Up.

Boris Williams drumming style is often referred to by drummers as ‘Linear’ as it follows regular cycles with repetitive rhythmic themes, patterns and fills. This style creates a solid foundation around which the music is structured. Current Cure drummer Jason Cooper also commented on this in the live Cure DVD „Trilogy” recorded in Berlin. Cooper recreates all of the classic Williams drum parts for the songs just as they were written for this very reason.

Williams, like all other Cure drummers, also very rarely used a ride cymbal in his work with the band, which is most unusual for a modern drum kit player. A second pair of hi-hats was instead used in the usual ride cymbal position so that open handed/un-crossed arm playing was possible. This arrangement also made for interesting pattern variations a crossed-handed player would normally find very difficult to play. In between the tenure of Andy Anderson and Boris Williams, Vince Ely (Psychedelic Furs) sat in temporarily on the 1984 tour. It was in fact Vince who had used the second hi-hat in the ride position. Boris liked the idea and used this method after Vince.

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