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Karel Apel’s birthday

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Born April 25th 1921, Dutch painter and sculptor Karel Appel gained an international reputation for his expressive and colorful paintings of childlike creatures and fabulous beasts and helped to rejuvenate Dutch modern art in the postwar period. (

Appel was a founding member of CoBrA (an acronym for Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam, the native cities of the founding members), a loosely affiliated group of artists who reacted against what they considered the restrictive constraints of other avant garde movements (particularly the De Stijl movement with its emphases on geometric forms) and drew their inspiration from the expressive freedom of children’s drawings and primitive art forms, as well as from the work of Paul Klee and Joan Miró. Though CoBrA was short lived as a movement, Appel continued to embrace the redemptive freedom and spontaneity of children’s art, using bright colors, simple forms and bold lines to create expressive works that combine abstraction with the figurative and communicate an emphasis on individual imagination. Later in life he turned to creating figurative sculptures in wood and metal that often incorporated the bright colors and spontaneous, child-like qualities of his paintings. For our full gallery of Appel’s colorful, expressive art, visit–a54931/karel-appel-posters.htm?rfid=978544.

The Look

Art Print

by Karel Appel

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