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Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s Memory

Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s Memory

Albert Uderzo’s birthday

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Albert Uderzo (born 25 April 1927, France) was born as the son of Italian immigrants in France. He made his first acquaintance with comics through the ‘Mickey Mouse’ strip in Le Pétit Parisien. In 1940, when he was only thirteen years old, Uderzo was employed by the Société Parisienne d’Édition, where he learned the basics of the trade: designing text and letters, and editing photographs. His first illustration, a parody on Aesop’s fables, was published in magazine Junior, around the same time that he met the great comic artist Calvo.

Uderzo spent most of the war working as a farmer in Brittany, and helping his father with his furniture business. In 1945 and 1946, he worked on an animated film titled ‘Clic-Clac’, together with Renan de Vela. De Vela aslo assigned Uderzo to illustrate the book ‘Flamberge, gentilhomme gascon’, by Em-Ré-Vil. Uderzo made his first story, starring the character ‘Clopinard’, for Éditions du Chêne in Paris in the following year.

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