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România frumoasă‘s Today’s Memory

România frumoasă‘s Today’s Memory

România frumoasă‘s Today’s Memory

George Draga’s birthday

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George Draga

April 26, 1935, Aldeşti – October 3, 2008, Brașov


George Draga was a Romanian composer of classical music.

Draga attended the Musical Military High School (1946–1954), was editor of MUZICA, the journal of the Union of Composers and Musicologists of Romania (1963-1993), was a museographer at the George Enescu Museum in Bucharest where, among other things, he filed descriptive cards of most of Enescu’s works.

From Draga’s works we quote: 14 symphonies, two rhapsodies, six cantatas, concertos for various instruments (including violin, flute, oboe and bassoon), folk dance suites from various regions of Romania, 12 marches for brass band, Concert Overtures, etc…

In 1969 he was awarded the Union of Composers’ Prize for small-size works for Concert Overture No. 1.

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Lieduri (Lieder)


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