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The Cloberth‘ Today’s Memory

The Cloberth‘ Today’s Memory

The Cloberth‘ Today’s Memory

A. E. van Vogt’s birthday

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“Give me a title and we’ll start from there.”


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Born in Edenburg, Manitoba on this date in 1912, Canadian writer A. E. van Vogt. Although starting his career in the true story genre, in 1938, upon reading John W. Campbell’s “Who Goes There?”, he was inspired to write science fiction. Two of his early short pieces were featured in Astounding Science Fiction in the late 1930s. Slan, serialized in ASF in late 1940, was van Vogt’s first of over three dozen novels. He also produced two dozen collections of short stories. Significant themes include an “idea of all-encompassing systems of knowledge” and well as the emergence of police states. Over the years, his work and style received mixed reviews from various quarters, but in 1995 he was named as a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America.

van Vogt wrote nearly forty novels and produced a couple dozen short story collections.

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