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The Cloberth‘ Today’s Memory

The Cloberth‘ Today’s Memory

The Cloberth‘ Today’s Memory

Adam Falckenhagen’s birthday

Originally shared by The Cloberth

Born near Leipzig, Saxony on this date in 1697, German lutenist and composer Adam Falckenhagen. Very little, other than what he wrote, is known about this extraordinary musician. There are records of his marriage and references to certain positions he held. Although unconfirmed, it is possible that he studied with Sylvius Leopold Weiss, a prominent composer of lute music. As did most musicians of that time, Falckenhagen traveled widely between courts to make a living. He was, for a time, employed by the sister of Frederick the Great, Wilhelmine of Prussia. In later years he was resident in Bayreuth. Thankfully, despite so little detail regarding his life and work, much of his music has been preserved at the Bavarian State Library in Munich. 


Falckenhagen. Sonata in G minor. Allegro un poco 

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