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Dirk Puehl‘s Today’s Memory

Dirk Puehl‘s Today’s Memory

Dirk Puehl‘s Today’s Memory

Theodor Kittelsen’ birthday

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#onthisday in 1857, the Norwegian artist Theodor Severin Kittelsen was born in the Telemark coastal town of Kragerø.


 Norwegian art did not just begin with Edvard Munch. Admittedly, Norway had to catch up a bit since the Middle Ages, on national identity as well as on how to artistically express the growing Norwegian self-awareness. When the country finally became independent from her big brother Denmark in 1814, the place had been a colonial backwater for more than 400 years. Without any art patrons or art schools to speak of. Along with the glorious Viking past and picturesque folk garb and customs, though Norwegian landscape made a national Romantic approach on art rather easy. From Hans Gude’s, Peter Nicolai Arbo’s, Erik Werenskiold’s  and Adolph Tidemand’s paintings, to folklore collected by Asbjørnsen and Moe, the Norwegian Brothers Grimm, the writings of Ibsen and, famously, Grieg’s music, “Halls of the Mountain King” and all that. However, it was one artist who gave Norway’s folklore a distinctive image and became “Father of the Trolls”: Theodor Kittelsen.


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Depicted below is Theodor Kittelsen’s: „Troll at the Karl Johan Square” from 1892.


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