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The Cloberth‘ Today’s Memory

The Cloberth‘ Today’s Memory

The Cloberth‘ Today’s Memory

Pete Seeger’s birthday

Originally shared by The Cloberth

“Songs won’t save the planet, but neither will books or speeches.”

The Power of Song

Born in Midtown Manhattan on this date in 1919, celebrated singer and musician, Pete Seeger.

Seeger is credited with the revival of American folk music. Remembered for the most part as a performer of children’s songs, in his early days he and the musical group he formed, the Weavers, were pursued by the FBI and the Red Scare movement, labeled communists, and blacklisted. It is clear that much of Seeger’s repertoire stands in support of workers, peace and the environment.

Songs of his such as, „Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”, „If I Had a Hammer”, and „Turn! Turn! Turn!” have been performed by many other folk artists – The Kingston Trio – Peter, Paul and Mary – Joan Baez – Richie Havens – Arlo Guthrie – Judy Collins – The Byrds – and are still sung and recorded around the world to this day.

Celebrate Pete Seeger – a voice for the all people.

„The World According to Pete Seeger” at On Point – a 48-minute program: „To Hear Your Banjo Play”, a 1947 film featuring Seeger, Woodie Guthrie and Brownie McGhee:

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