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Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s Memory

Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s Memory

Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s Memory

John Broome’s birthday

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John Broome (4 May 1913 – 14 March 1999, USA), who additionally used the pseudonyms John Osgood and Edgar Ray Meritt, was an American comic book writer for DC Comics. As a youth, he enjoyed reading science fiction, and began writing for science-fiction pulp magazines in the 1940s. By then he was already writing for some of the earliest American comic books to be published, beginning with a two-page “Pals and Pastimes” humor strip, illustrated by Ray Gill, in Centaur Publications’ Funny Pages #7 (Dec. 1936). By 1942 he was writing text fillers for Fawcett Comics, at least one under the pseudonym Ron Broom. When his agent, Julius Schwartz, became an editor at what would become DC Comics during the 1930-40s “Golden Age of Comic Books”, Broome was recruited to write superhero stories starring the Flash, Green Lantern, Sargon the Sorcerer and others. His first known script for the company was the 13-page Flash story “The City of Shifting Sand” in All-Flash #22 (May 1946). He wrote text fillers under the pen name John Osgood.

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(The cover of SHOWCASE 22, September-October 1959, was created by Gil Kane.)

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