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Old School 4 Life™‘s Today’s Memory

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Premiere of movie Sixteen Candles

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At 4th May of 1984, the movie „Sixteen Candles” debuted in theaters. „Sixteen Candles” is an American coming of age comedy film starring Molly Ringwald, Michael Schoeffling, and Anthony Michael Hall. It was written and directed by John Hughes. The movie was well received by critics and is considered by many as one of the best films of 1984.

Films like ‘Sixteen Candles’ personify what the 80’s was all about. And if you were a child of the 80’s, you will probably identify with this film a lot more than the now younger generation. The story is simple enough, but it works so well. Most films are about other films, and few invent new stuff in the film world. So when something new comes around, it is remarkable. The big deal with this film is that it does add something to the cinematic vocabulary that wasn’t there before.

This film was written and directed by John Hughes. Hughes had written a couple films prior to this one for the group National Lampoon’s, namely the classic comedy „National Lampoon’s: Vacation.” „Candles” marks the directorial debut of Hughes, his first complete film. Why is this of any significance ?

Well, Hughes followed up this film a year later with a little movie called „The Breakfast Club.” As if that wasn’t impressive enough, in the 1980s, Hughes produced more hit sequels to the „Vacation” series, a movie called „Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and created some of the finest films of the careers of Chevy Chase and John Candy. He’s the father of 80’s comedy and the grandfather of comedy as we know it today.

‘Sixteen Candles’ takes place basically over the course of one day when a family forgets the sweet sixteenth birthday of a girl amid the preparations for the oldest daughter’s wedding. The sixteen year old is played by the 80’s teen queen Molly Ringwald. It was the movie that helped her gain that title and is the best of her career. She plays the role of Samantha Baker with ease and charm.

We feel all her range of emotions from the hurt of being forgotten to the longing she feels for a boy, Jake Ryan, who she has a major crush on but doesn’t think he knows that she’s alive. Little does Samantha know that Jake wants to meet her and the movie goes through a series of near misses between the two.

Anthony Michael Hall plays „The Geek” who is constantly hitting on Samantha. He acts like he is a man of the world, but really is full of hot air. Hall is extremely funny and the scene where he gives Jake advice on women and eventually drives the prom queen home in Jake’s father’s Roll Royce are priceless. Both sets of Samantha’s grandparents are funny, one set are the worriers and the other the carefree sort. Gedde Wannabe is funny as an exchange student who comes with one of the grandparents. He does take the Asian stereotypes to the max but he comes across with a nice degree of charm.

The film also has a great soundtrack with songs by The Thompson Twins (If You Were Here),The Stray Cats (Sixteen Candles), Billy Idol (Rebel Yell), David Bowie (Young Americans), Spandau Ballet (True), Oingo Boingo (Wild Sex In The Working Class), The Vapors (Turning Japanese), Frank Sanatra(New York,New York), AC/DC (Snowballed), Darlene Love (Today I Met The Boy I’m Gonna Mary), Wham! (Young Guns), Patti Smith(Gloria), Stevie Ray Vaughan (Lenny), Kajagoogoo (Kajagoogoo) and more. The Thompson Twins’ „Wish You Were Here” perfectly frames the ending scene where Jake and Samantha finally hook up. The film grossed $23,686,027 against a budget of $6.5 million.

The biggest weakness of the film is it starts off rather slow, establishing its story and characters in broad strokes with zero subtlety. But as the film goes along, it becomes something surprising for a teen comedy, a funnier and more involving experience that finds room to probe some deeper emotions.

John Hughes gets his target audience: he obviously hasn’t forgot what it’s like to experience teen angst, and he gives it the most humorous and charming touch! Even now a lot of aspects of this movie still works, even the comedic elements. This is a movie that left a mark for teen comedies and is most definitely worth seeing.

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