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Old School 4 Life™‘s Today’s Memory

Old School 4 Life™‘s Today’s Memory

Prince’s single If I Was Your Girlfriend

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At 6th May of 1987, Prince’s hit single „If I Was Your Girlfriend” was released. It was the second single released from Prince’s 1987 double album „Sign “☮” the Times”.

In spring of 1987 Prince hit his peak with his 16-track double album, ‘Sign ‘O’ The Times. ‘Recorded at Paisley Park in Minneapolis and Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, it was his ninth release and his first solo outing since disbanding his band, the Revolution, after their 1986 tour. This, and the supporting concert film remain one of the most scintillating documents of an artist at the summit of their powers.

It was the moment artistic, critical and commercial collide, capturing the quixotic essence of the man – rock, some folk, hip hop, jazz and, of course, out-and-out funk. The title track was released as a single in February 1987. With its stripped-down Fairlight-driven funk, and topical state-of-the-planet lyrics, it was a proper protest song and was a huge hit both sides of the Atlantic.

The rest of Sign ‘O’ The Times lives up to the challenge of the single: the quasi-religious imagery of „The Cross” is a standout. But it’s not just the material with gravity that shines through: the ‘shut up, already, damn’ fluff of Housequake or the kids’ anthem „Starfish and Coffee” are among his best work. Also Sheena Easton cameos on „U Got The Look” and Prince’s alter-ego Camille duets with him on „If I Was Your Girlfriend”.

This song was originally from the Camille project of 1986, which was to be released under the guise of an alter ego named Camille, rather than by Prince. The song is from a male perspective to a woman, wherein Prince explores the possibilities of a more intimate relationship if he were his lover’s platonic girlfriend and asks if she would open up to him more if he was a female friend rather than her actual boyfriend. It is believed that „If I Was Your Girlfriend” deals with the jealousy Prince felt at the close bond shared between then girlfriend/fiancee Susannah Melvoin with Wendy Melvoin.

„If I Was Your Girlfriend” was covered on the TLC album, ‘CrazySexyCool’, released in 1994, and on their FanMail Tour. 2Pac sampled a live performance of „If I Was Your Girlfriend” for his song „Thugs Get Lonely Too”; the title is also a nod to another Prince composition called „Gigolos Get Lonely Too,” performed by The Time. The song was recorded in 1993 but did not see official release until 2004, when the Prince samples were removed. „If I Was Your Girlfriend” also appear in Demi Moore’s 1996 film, „Striptease”.

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