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Ed Pearce‘s Today’s Memory

Ed Pearce‘s Today’s Memory

Ed Pearce‘s Today’s Memory

John Pemberton first selling of Coca-Cola

Originally shared by Ed Pearce

Coca Cola was first sold as a patent medicine on May 8, 1886

John Pemberton, a former Confederate officer turned pharmacist, created a new beverage at his Atlanta Pemberton Chemical Company on March 29, 1886. It was called Coca-Cola after two of its ingredients, coca leaves and kola nuts.

Coca Cola was originally sold as a patent medicine. Pemberton started selling his carbonated beverage on May 8, 1886 touting it as a cure for headaches, hysteria and melancholia..

Coca-Cola was originally green. It would still be green if coloring weren’t added to it.

Coca Cola’s name was chosen by Pemberton’s bookkeeper Frank Robinson.

Despite an inauspicious start- only 25 sales of the patent medicine were made in its first year, Asa Candler, a wholesale druggist, purchased the formula for Coca-Cola from John Pemberton for $2,300. He began to improve the manufacturing process and started selling his syrup to local soda fountains, billing it as an „esteemed brain tonic and intellectual beverage.”

The Coca-Cola Company, then known as the Pemberton Medicine Company, was incorporated in Atlanta on January 15, 1889.

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  1. I think so, Larry Gandy… You know that the secret recipe is hidden in a safe impregnable…

  2. Today’s Memory A few years ago they changed the recipe but had to change it back,it lost sales!

  3. Larry Gandy

    I know, Larry.

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