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Ирина Куприянова‘s Today’s Memory

Ирина Куприянова‘s Today’s Memory

Ирина Куприянова‘s Today’s Memory

Emile Gallé’s 170 anniversary

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Émile Gallé’s Anniversary.

Émile Gallé (Nancy, 8 May 1846 – Nancy, 23 September 1904) was celebrated French designer and pioneer in technical innovations in glass. He was a leading initiator of the Art Nouveau style and of the modern renaissance of French art glass.

Gallé was not only the most famous artist of the école de Nancy but he was also a bright manufacturer. He helped in his father’s glass compagny as soon as 1867. And replaced him in 1877 as director. In 1885, he founded a wood workshop and in 1894, a cristal firm in Nancy.

Gallé’s strikingly original work made a great impression when it was exhibited at the Paris Exposition of 1889. Over the next decade his glass, reflecting the prevailing interest in Japanese art, became internationally known and imitated. It contributed largely to the free, asymmetric naturalism and symbolistic overtones of Art Nouveau.

He liked to play with the nature of the materials he uses. He took care of the material quality and worked on new technics. He liked to play on the transparency of the glass and to create new visual or sensitive effects. He patented several new processes for glass work.

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