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Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s Memory

Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s Memory

Alex Schomburg’s birthday

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Alex Schomburg (10 May 1905– 7 April 1998, USA) was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Manhattan in the early 1920s as a teenager. Alex and three of his brothers were soon operating a successful commercial art studio. By 1930, he had moved from advertising to illustrations for pulps. He freelanced for magazines like Thrilling Wonder Stories by Better Publications, and also made covers for Flying Aces and Startling Stories. As the 1930s ended, he moved over to comic book art. Throughout the 1940s, Schomburg drew well over 500 covers, an average of one a week.

Schomburg’s most memorable efforts were for Marvel (then known as Timely) in the years just before and during World War II. He could draw ‘Captain America’, ‘the Human Torch’, and ‘Sub Mariner’, singly or in a team, in the most complex situations. His covers appeared on ‘Marvel Mystery Comics’, ‘Human Torch’, ‘Sub-Mariner’, ‘All Winners’, ‘The Young Allies’, and almost every other Timely title. He also made covers for ‘Thrilling Comics’, ‘Exciting Comics’, ‘Black Terror’, ‘Speed Comics’, ‘All New’, and ‘The Green Hornet’.

After leaving comics in the 1950s, Schomburg devoted his time to illustrating for science-fiction magazines, astrology publications and books, including the Winston juvenile series. He died in 1998.

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