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Elvira Popescu’s birthday

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Elvira Popescu

May 10, 1894, Bucharest – December 11, 1993, Paris

Elvira Popescu was a Romanian-born French stage and movie actress and theatre director.

She debuted at the National Theatre Bucharest at age 16. She became artistic director of the Excelsior Theatre (1921) and started Teatrul Mic, which she managed in parallel with the Excelsior.

At the urging of Louis Verneuil, the French playwright, Popescu moved in 1924 to Paris, where she played the leading role in Ma Cousine de Varsovie, at the Théâtre Michel (1923), under Verneuil’s direction. She also played in Tovaritch (1933), La Machine infernale (1954), Nina (1949), and La Mamma (1957). Later on, she was director of Théâtre de Paris (1956–1965), and Théâtre Marigny (1965–1978).

Elvira Popescu also played in movies, such as La Présidente (Fernand Rivers, 1938), Tricoche et Cacolet (Pierre Colombier, 1938), Ils étaient neuf célibataires (Sacha Guitry, 1939), Paradis perdu (Abel Gance, 1940), Austerlitz (Abel Gance, 1960), Purple Noon (René Clément, 1960).

At age 84, she played again in La Mamma.

Elvira Popescu received the Molière Prize for career achievements (1987) and twice the Légion d’honneur. More on:

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Elvire Popesco and Fernandel

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