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Jenny Waldensi‘s Today’s Memory

Jenny Waldensi‘s Today’s Memory

Jenny Waldensi‘s Today’s Memory

The first ice cream advertisement

Originally shared by Jenny Waldensi

ON MAY 12, 1777 „CONFECTIONER PHILIP LENZI placed an advertisement for his Manhattan ice cream shop in the New York Gazette and Weekly Mercury. Lenzi had just arrived from London with recipes for jams and jellies, along with various pastries, sugar plums, and of course the ultimate luxury – ice cream. Made long before the advent of refrigeration the ice creams were made with fine mixtures of cream, salt and sugar, which required no small amount of effort to create. Lenzi offered his catering services ‘for reasonable rates’ and his products at ‘modest profit.’ He stated in his ad, ‘May be had almost every day, Ice Cream.'” [Source –]

Chocolate iced cream was the first to be created by an Italian, much to the surprise of many. In Naples, Italy in 1692 in Antonio Latini’s The Modern Steward carried the recipe for the chocolate delight.

„In 1775, Italian doctor Filippo Baldini wrote a treatise entitled De sorbetti, in which he recommended chocolate ice cream as a remedy for various medical conditions, including gout and scurvy” [Source:Wikipedia, Chocolate Ice Cream]

But in 1777 that the creamy, cold dessert began to make it’s way into the hearts and diets of Americans when Philip Lenzi began to promote it.

In honor of Philip Lenzi, let’s all eat ice cream Today!


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