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Simona AN‘s Today’s Memory

Simona AN‘s Today’s Memory

Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s birthday

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Dante Gabriel Rossetti

May 12, 1828, London – 9 April 1882

Dante Gabriel Rossetti was an English poet, illustrator, painter and translator.

He trained at the Royal Academy but vacillated between painting and poetry. As an informal pupil of Ford Madox Brown, he absorbed Brown’s admiration for the German Nazarenes. In 1848, with several friends, he formed the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, a group of painters treating religious, moral, and medieval subjects in a naturalistic style. Rossetti expanded the Brotherhood’s aims by linking poetry, painting, and Social Idealism and by treating Pre-Raphaelite as synonymous with a romanticized medieval past. When his oil paintings were severely criticized, he turned to watercolours based on literary works, which he could more easily sell to acquaintances, and became very successful. The group broke up in 1852, but Rossetti revived it in 1856 with Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris. After the death of his long-ailing wife in 1862, possibly by suicide, literary themes gave way to pictures of women, particularly Morris’s wife, Jane. His poetry, including the sonnet sequence The House of Life, was widely admired.

His work also influenced the European Symbolists and was a major precursor of the Aesthetic movement.

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