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România frumoasă‘s Today’s Memory

România frumoasă‘s Today’s Memory

România frumoasă‘s Today’s Memory

Elvira Godeanu’s birthday

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Elvira Godeanu

May 13, 1904, Bucharest – September 3, 1991

Elvira Godeanu was a famous Romanian actress of film, radio, theater and voice formed with the golden generation of great artists interwars.

Se played extremely varied roles, both in world literature and from the Romanian, such as Moartea unui artist (The Death of an Artist) by Horia Lovinescu, The Visit of the Elderly Lady by Francisc Durrenmatt or Apus de soare (Sundown) by Barbu Stefanescu-Delavrancea. She impersonated Zoe in O scrisoare pierduta (A Letter Lost). She gave life to in-numerous characters from plays by Lucian Blaga, G.M.Zamfirescu, Mihail Sorbul, B.P.Hasdeu, etc. Her first major role was Duchess Tatiana Petrovna in Mates, a comedy by J. Deval.

Elvira Godeanu performed in movies of great importance of her epoch such as Maiorul Mura (The Major Mura) and Ciuleandra.

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Video: I. L. Caragiale – O scrisoare pierduta


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