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Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s Memory

Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s Memory

Fernand Dineur’s birthday

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Fernand Dineur (17 May 1904 – April 1956, Belgium) is one of the original artists of Spirou magazine and the creator of the famous ‘Tif et Tondu’ series. He held many professions before he became an artist, such as butcher and police officer. Dineur was present in Spirou from the first issue, on 21 April 1938, with ‘Les Aventures de Tif’. Initially alone, the main character, Tif (the bald one), found his friend Tondu (with the beard) on a deserted island a couple of issues later. Dineur wrote and drew several jolly and somewhat naïve ‘Tif et Tondu’ stories until 1948. By then, he got fired from Spirou because his style was deemed too old-fashioned for the magazine, that was about to enter its post-war Golden Age. When Will took over the artwork, Dineur initially continued to write the stories until 1952, and in the following decades Will would mature the series together with the writers Maurice Rosy, Maurice Tillieux and Stephen Desberg.

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