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România frumoasă‘s Today’s Memory

România frumoasă‘s Today’s Memory

România frumoasă‘s Today’s Memory

Romulus Ladea’s birthday

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Romulus Ladea

May 17, 1901, Jitin, Caras-Severin – August 27, 1970, Arcuda, Ilfov

Romulus Ladea was a Romanian sculptor and university professor at Cluj, born into a peasant family strongly related to art, culture and local customs

He follows the School of Fine Arts in Bucharest, with professor Dimitrie Paciurea, and Julien Academy. In Paris Ladea works in Brancusi’s studio.

Romul Ladea was formed at the school of great sculptors as Rodin, Brancusi, Bourdelle. His work is characterized by spiritual force, sensitivity, expressivity of details. Two fundamental axes are his artistic coordinates : the logical frame of the space and the creation of a figurative force for this space. Ladea is one of the founders of the modern Romanian school of sculpture with many bright disciples.

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