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România frumoasă‘s Today’s Memory

România frumoasă‘s Today’s Memory

România frumoasă‘s Today’s Memory

Ion Jalea’s birthday

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Ion Jalea

May 19, 1887, Casimcea, Tulcea – November 7, 1983

Ion Jalea was a Romanian sculptor, titular member of the Romanian Academy.

Jalea studied at the Academy of Beaux Arts in Bucharest, where he was the pupil of the renowned Romanian sculptors Frederik Storck and Dimitrie Paciurea. The final touch of his artistic education was given in Paris at the Académie Julian, with the sculptor Antoine Bourdelle.

During World War One, Ion Jalea was part of the Romanian Army and fought in a series of battles. He was severely wounded and lost his left arm that had to be amputated next to the shoulder. After recuperating, despite being an amputee, he continued to dedicate his life to sculpture, as he did before. He became a well known sculptor by working with his right arm only and his greatest achievements were after he lost his arm.

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