Today's Memory

Good evening!

Good evening!

Good evening!

Have you looked on Today’s Memory? It shows, as the name says, memories of each day – important birthdays or events. On G+ are many of them… I select the best posts (actually I choose the ones I like more) and I share them.

I start posting at 9 pm daily (10 pm in Germany), using the list of the day and searching every item (I’ll show you how…). I should finish in 2-3 hours, but sometimes it takes more time… Here is the help I need – someone to continue searching when I stop (that why I prefer an American or an insomniac)!

You can see the today’s list bellow, I can send the lists by email or google Drive.

You will be able to post on this page when you receive and accept the invitation to be manager of page…

more questions? Just ask!

I have to mention I don’t know any word in German! 🙂


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