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Good morning, Anil Sardemann!

Good morning, Anil Sardemann!

Good morning, Anil Sardemann!

What I need it’s a person to continue sharing memory-posts from G+ on this page.

The page Today’s Memory is already since three years, so you can guess that I have a lot of info – daily lists with birthdays or events.

Few people share their posts with me, even I write every day the hashtag… So, I need to search the items of list one by one, to chose the best post, and share it.

For a while I had a co-curator from Mexico and we teamed very well, of course the difference of time zone helped a lot… I am from Bucharest – 9 hours before Mexico. At my 23 I was sending the last part of the list and he continued when it was evening for Mexico…

My profile on G+ is Simona AN.

If you want to be curator of Today’s Memory, just tell me and ask what you want to know…


P.S. Hope you can understand my English… 🙂

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