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Dirk Puehl's Today’s Memory

Dirk Puehl’s Today’s Memory

Robert Blum’s execution

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9 November 1848 #onthisday on the Brigittenau in Vienna, the publicist, revolutionist and member of the National Assembly Robert Blum was executed by firing squad.

A couple of years after his summary execution, the expression “erschossen wie Robert Blum”, shot like Robert Blum, began to spread into German common parlance, denominating a state of complete exhaustion or losing at Skat, a popular meaning- and identity establishing German trick-taking card game or, generally speaking, of being in the soup. The rest of Blum’s life, his role during the Revolution of 1848, his revolutionary achievements and his death that was received as an outrage back then, had been more or less forgotten. Blum had been replaced by other icons of the failed uprising. For a while, though, he was a guiding figure of the young labour movement in the years after 1848, there was a Blum biography by the founder of the Spartacist League and later the Communist Party of Germany, Karl Liebknecht, who had declared the formation of a Freie Sozialistische Republik (Free Socialist Republic) in Berlin two hours after Philipp Scheidemann had proclaimed the Weimar Republic exactly 71 years after Blum’s execution. But, usually, the Communists dismissed Blum as far too moderate while the Conservatives perceived him as just another rioter.

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Depicted below is “Robert Blums Hinrichtung” (1849), Robert Blum’s execution, as imagined by the German painter Carl Steffeck (1818 – 1890)

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