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Mario Solis‘ Today’s Memory

Mario Solis‘ Today’s Memory

Mario Solis‘ Today’s Memory

Iron Maiden’s The Soundhouse Tapes

Originally shared by Mario Solis

The Soundhouse Tapes is the #debut #EP by #heavy   #metal   #band   Iron Maiden, and features the very #first #recordings by the band. Released on 9 November 1979, it features three songs taken from the demo tape recorded at Spaceward Studios on New Year’s Eve 1978. The three tracks – „Prowler”, „Invasion” and „Iron Maiden” – appear in a rougher form than they would on the first Iron Maiden album and subsequent singles as they were all recorded in one session.

Although major retail chains tried to order large quantities of the record, the band only distributed 5,000 copies, available by mail order alone, which eventually sold out in just a few weeks. Because of this, the EP is now a valuable collectors item, which has been sold at up to £800 online.

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