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Getty Museum‘s Today’s Memory

Getty Museum‘s Today’s Memory

Getty Museum‘s Today’s Memory

Feast Day of Saint Martin

November 11

Originally shared by Getty Museum

As his horse paws the ground anxiously, Saint Martin leans down with his sword to cut his cape in half. The naked beggar looks up gratefully at the saint as he wraps the edge of the cloak around his body.

A Christian saint who founded the first monasteries in France, Saint Martin enrolled in the Roman army before joining the Roman Catholic Church. According to legend, he once came upon a poor man on the road, shivering in the cold, and cut in half his military cloak to share it with him. Today is the #feastday of Saint Martin.

Saint Martin Dividing His Cloak with a Beggar, about 1530, Lorenzo Lotto. Brush with gray-brown wash, heightened with white and cream-colored gouache, over black chalk on brown paper.

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