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Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s Memory

Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s Memory

Grand Comics Database‘s Today’s Memory

Edd Vick’s birthday

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Edd Vick (born 14 November 1958, USA) has been active in comics since at least 1988. While he has written comic stories and text stories, as well as a articles about comics and artists, he is most prolific as a publisher and editor.

He founded MU Press in 1990 and published nearly 300 comics through about 2006. It was a major publisher of anthropomorphic comics, also called “bigfoot” or “furry”. He published “Desert Peach” by Donna Barr and “Rhudiprrt, Prince of Fur” by Dwight R. Decker and Teri S. Wood, both significant titles in the genre.

Another core title was the erotic anthology “Wild Kingdom” (later “Wild!”), published until 2005.

Vick added the Æon Press imprint in 1994. Until 1998, it published a mix of alternative titles such as “Those Annoying Post Brothers” (which he acquired from Rip Off Press) and other work by Matt Howarth. Other Æon titles include “Boom Boom” by David Lasky and Colin Upton’s “Buddha on the Road”.

In addition to his own books, he edited for the Foglios’ Palliard Press/Xxxenophile Books 1992–1998.

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(Donna Barr drew the cover of “The Desert Peach” #4, March 1990, one of the earliest MU Press comics.)

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