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Getty Museum‘s Today’s Memory

Getty Museum‘s Today’s Memory

Getty Museum‘s Today’s Memory

Feast day of St. Catherine

November 25

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The miniature of Saint Catherine of Alexandria tended by angels opens the suffrage to the saint in this luxuriously illuminated book of hours.

According to the legends describing her life, Emperor Maxentius had Catherine beaten and then imprisoned without food or water for twelve days because of her refusal to worship pagan idols. During this ordeal, angels comforted and fed her. The crowned woman who enters Catherine’s chamber on the left is Maxentius’ wife, who, upon seeing the ministering angels, converts to Christianity. Key episodes of Catherine’s life are shown within the border’s colorful foliage.

„Saint Catherine Tended by Angels,” about 1420, Spitz Master. Tempera colors, gold, and ink on parchment.

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