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Today’s Google Doodle

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Drs. Suyadi’s birthday

November 28, 1932

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Drs. Suyadi’s 84th Birthday

28th November 2016 @ Google in Indonesia

Drs. Suyadi, known widely by his alter-ego’s name: Pak Raden, created books and animated films for children. His career spanned many years, creating his first book in 1952 at university and completing his last book, Petruk Jadi Raja, in 2008 at the age of 76.

In addition to books and films, Suyadi is perhaps best known for creating a children’s puppet show called “Unyil.” The show aired on the Indonesian national station TVRI every Sunday from 1981 – 1993. To this day, the puppets are remembered fondly across Indonesia, especially Pak Raden, the grumpy character played by Suyadi himself. Never seen without his cane and false mustache, Pak Raden was one of the Unyil’s most popular puppets.

Today’s Doodle celebrates Drs. Suyadi on what would be his 84th birthday. Thank you for creating joy and inspiring curiosity in children and adults alike!

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