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Kenneth Johnson‘s Today’s Memory

Kenneth Johnson‘s Today’s Memory

Kenneth Johnson‘s Today’s Memory

Ridley Scott’s birthday

Originally shared by Kenneth Johnson

Birthday Spotlight: @Sir_RidleyScott is one of my favorite living directors, and tackles his projects with a Hitchcock-like degree of planning and precision. His background in art and advertising provides not only fantastic imagery but also an understanding of how to efficiently and effectively tell a story. Many of his films are trend-setters: „Alien” (1979) and „Blade Runner” (1982) inspired „copycat” looks in movies, television programs, and even – ironically – advertising. His „Legend” (1985) is still a personal favorite, though with a woefully miscast Tom Cruise and studio-mandated changes which have caused the movie to be criticized; but LOOK at that movie! „Thelma And Louise” (1991) broke new ground, as did „G.I. Jane” (1997), while „Gladiator” (2000) is just simply glorious. „Hannibal” (2001) disappointed fans of „Silence Of The Lambs” (1991) because it was not done in Jonathan Demme style, but rather with gorgeous Scott visuals and Hans Zimmer’s amazing music. „Black Hawk Down” released the same year was a bigger critical and popular success. His „The Martian” was one of the most-talked about productions of 2015, while his „Alien: Covenant” is one of the most anticipated movies, scheduled for 2017. Happy Birthday Guv’ner!

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